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Patient Resources

Patient Information Brochures

We have created general educational brochures that you can download with relevant information regarding the heart, heart surgery, what to expect after surgery and how to look after yourself at home. 

Patient Brochure.pdf Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery.pdf (547.90 KB)
CARE OF YOUR INCISION AT HOME.pdf Care of Your Incision at Home.pdf (81.72 KB) Valve Surgery.pdf Valve Surgery.pdf (421.42 KB)

Below are a list of frequently asked questions.   Please contact our office if you have further questions you feel are not answered here.




1. How long will I be in hospital?

All going well there is an anticipated stay of between 7 and 10 days, sometimes even less.

2. Can I donate my own blood?

Generally speaking, those patients who will require blood during their operation will not be well enough to donate their own blood, and those who are well enough to donate will not require it. For those patients who would like to make an autologous blood donation, please contact this office.

3. I take drugs to thin my blood, should I stop these?

Drugs such as Aspirin and Warfarin, some anti-inflammatories, vitamins and herbal remedies need to be stopped before your operation. Please contact this office regarding specific instructions regarding these. If you are not sure what drugs you are on, please contact our office for clarification.

4. What should I take into hospital?

You should take your toiletries, tissues, slippers, pyjamas and all your medications and any recent chest x-rays into hospital. If you have been provided with CD copies of your angiogram please make sure you bring it with you. Please do not bring any valuables into the hospital -leave these at home or with a relative for safe-keeping.

5. How long is the operation?

On average, your operation will take between 3 to 5 hours depending on the complexity of the procedure.

6. How much will my operation cost?

All operations vary and therefore so do the costs involved. An estimate of fees will be provided to you by our friendly office staff prior to your operation. Contact your health fund to ensure you are covered for your proposed procedure and for your chosen hospital.

7. When can I drive after my operation?

Your surgeon will see you approximately 6 weeks following your surgery to ensure a smooth convalescence, adjust medications and assess healing. Approval to drive is usually given at this appointment and is allowed from 6 weeks following surgery.

8. Can I fly home after my operation?

Yes it is safe to fly following your surgery. Should you need to return home by plane the hospital ward will issue you with a clearance form for your airline certifying your fitness to fly.

9. Is it safe to have sex?

Yes it is safe to have sex as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. If you are anxious about resuming sexual relations, wait until you see your surgeon at your 4-6 week check up following your surgery for reassurance.

10. How long after my surgery do I need to wear my surgical stockings?

Patients required to wear surgical stockings following their surgery should continue to wear these up to 4 weeks following their surgery. Depending upon healing, on occasion it may be necessary to continue wearing these stockings for 3 to 6 months for best results.

11. When can I return to work?

If your convalescence is uncomplicated, it is suggested you return to work on a part-time basis approximately 6 weeks following surgery. If your work environment does not allow for part-time or light duties, it may be necessary to wait 3 months before resuming full time work.

12. How long will it take to recover?

Most patients report feeling recovered by 6 weeks following their surgery. The recovery period is age dependent, therefore for every 10 years over the age of 65 you should add approximately another 2 - 3 weeks recovery time.

13. What else can I expect after my surgery?

It is not unusual for some patients to report some memory loss or visual disturbance in the early post operative period. 90% of patients report resolution of these problems by 6 - 8 weeks following surgery. Patients who suffer further generalized vascular disease may report these changes more acutely. Other effects of surgery would include numbness, swelling and/or soreness in the chest, shoulder girdle and back area.

14 .Is it necessary to see my doctor again after my surgery?

Yes, you should make sure you have an appointment for a follow-up consultation with your surgeon at around 4-6 weeks following your surgery. Your GP should organize for a chest x-ray and 12-lead E.C.G prior to this visit. Following this consultation your surgeon will probably refer you back to your cardiologist for continuing follow-up.